Why are we here

Thanks for checking us out! There are several reasons we are building XRPfaq.info and its associated XRP FAQ (Twitter) Bot. We hope the following meta-faq explains our intent clearly and transparently .

XRP FUD Fighting

We are XRP holders, believe that what Ripple is doing is revolutionary in the Financial Technology (FinTech) sphere and want to see Ripple succeed. As XRP holders it makes sense to insure our investments are not negatively affected by rumors and misunderstanding that spread Fear Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD). After following discussions on Twitter about XRP for some time, we started to see the same attacks on XRP and Ripple, coming from a source of ignorance about Ripple's products, and (or) trying to conflate a techno-religion argument into a technology argument. While there is little we can do to guide those who are philosophically against working with the banking industry, we can certainly set the record straight when it comes to the technology and business approach.

Technology for Technologies Sake

It's clear that the web and user interfaces are in a period of drastic change. Alexa, Okay Google, Cortana are prime example of this new revolution. Chat Bots have been around for ever, but the acceptance and use of those bots by mainstream users is leading to better understanding of how to incorporate them into new products and services. The XRP FAQ Twitter chatbot is being built initially using a naive approach simply to get it into production sooner. For us it's a bit of an experiment, but we will continue to enhance it as demand increases.

Monitary Reward

We plan on monetizing the XRP FAQ Bot, but in doing so we are committed to the following*: *We will modify this list from time to time to reflect updated goals and pricing